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We Energo AG operates closely with primary producers, consumers and research centres to offer its customers a wide range of products at the highest levels of technological and scientific innovation.

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Million tons of plastic the are in our planet of which 2,000 million tons are still used today. A plastic bottle can last 1,000 years without decomposing. The use of renewable energy sources will be of considerable importance in the future energy context.

Our Solution


Greater awareness towards sustainable and eco-friendly growth.


In petroleum products derived from crude oil.


Of approach with companies, to act on projects of different dimensions.


Professional experiences built up in years of activity.


The team of We Energo AG represents a sum of professional experiences built up in years of activity in finance and commodity marketing, in corporate strategies and specifically targeted investments. This enables to supply any type of advisory service in various countries and industries.


The specific expertise of We Energo AG in petroleum products derived from crude oil enables to operate with major international partners of fuel and oil products.